Walking Conflict

Saturday Jun 22, 2013 -

I have studied Akan but I speak English

I like the African wear but it’s only for Fridays

I am a proud African but it is difficult not to be European

I like to eat Apapransa but this generation has long forgotten how it is made

I will be happy to ride a horse but it cannot travel from here to Texas

I wish an African watch could tell the time but the technology isn’t mine

I must use technology to sell ideas but I rather rely on technologies for ideas

But wait! I can’t beat up myself totally! Because when I’m covered in my Holland wax print of Adinkra symbols, I am an African fully

I was raised by a village but expected to excel in a city

My dream is to build a mansion and fill it with air conditioners in place of my rounded hut with sub-Saharan aeration

I stand tall with my chest out and walk in my Gucci shoes; Ahenemma will always lose

I like voluptuous African women with bulging lips and sculpting hips but with corporate tips

If I will ever drink it will never be Akpeteshie. Boy! Do I have taste for Hennessy?

I dream of a new Africa with skyscrapers, neon lights, big roads, and thick traffic filled with suited, stereotypical ‘booklong’ intellectuals. Ah! Am I not describing Manhattan?

I wish to compete in this global village; identified, differentiated, relevant and consistent

Man! I’m a walking conflict between tradition and modernity; between my Africanism and Europeanism

Hmmmmmm! Any help in sight?

I trust that the begotten son of God who helps, protects, forgives and loves me can!

But even He is an Israelite

Maybe Obama was right; ‘the future of Africa is the hands of Afri-CANs’

That’s why my music is a fusion of indigenous philosophies transposed on western instruments?

I am still a walking conflict.


49 comments on “Walking Conflict

      • At first cancer,high blood pressure,kidney&lungs diseases etc where not found here,Bt immediately we stop eating our aprapransa,ampesie etc (local food) 4 quick food (european food) see what is happening now!!! By e way kodos to u cuz u r man……best rapper alive…..

        • Is a nice piece worth reading.we ought to think globally but act locally to infuse the perception of the masses.

        • hmmm, it is surprising to say “at first cancer was not there in Africa)
          Well, in Ghana they call it “kokram” it has been there but many did not know it. the fact that we had no knowledge of it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.
          using what is invented elsewhere can not always mean we are not Africans. that’s what technology.
          you would not expect us to defend the country today with bow and arrow against guns and armored trucks would you. we just have to find out how to do it ourselves.

  1. I always love to follow you because of your great lines. This is one of the greatest poems I’ve ever come across. I love that your song too (KWAME GHANA). KEEP IT UP B.R.A)

  2. Great poetry….walking conflict indeed. However we must remember that ALL KNOWLEDGE in the world belongs to everyone on this planet. Let’s not forget that Africa is/was the cradle of civilization beaming with knowledge in the Arts, Sciences and spirituality which was transferred to the rest of the world and improved upon by other cultures including the Europeans.

    Imhotep, an African is the father of medicine, as confessed by Hippocrates (supposed father of medicine) himself saying “I’m a child of Imhotep”.

    Akhenaten, an Egyptian Pharaoh, an African, was the first to carve the theology that the Almighty was one….which is the foundation of European Christianity today.

    So, in as much as conflicted we are as a people today, there’s nothing wrong in taking an american car, taking it apart into pieces, studying it and making our own cars from that knowledge we gain….same goes for planes and ships..the Japanese did it why not us?

    Ever Forward!!

  3. You are just intelligent,..love your songs cos they are full of sensible words which carry a great message,..keep it up,..Ghanaians will forever celebrate you

  4. great piece Braa Kwame always setting the pace for the rest of the world to follow #great piece again

  5. I went to a kenkey joint dis mornin and i met a lady frnd. She told me de kenkey she was buyin was for some white guys from U.K in her office dat she will take tea and egg for the mornin..Wht a walking conflict !!!!!!!!!!!

    • nailed it.on the heard.i bliv very soon the whole world will be a walking conflict.thanks for reading and writing.

  6. I always concentrate on ur words n not the beat of ur music, for the wisdom in ur words is powerful n sweeter than the instrumental. Pls continue doing what the world will always be proud of u about n not only for the money.Cheers

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  8. in fact, okyeame kwame wo y3 )pabene ampa…..eeei this is incredible. ALL that i can say is i pray God gives you a healthy long life so u cud continue to advance on your merits.

    i played your new track and some videos of yours to my white friends here in virginia and i tell you , those guys are always playing it mehn

    me feeli wo saaa

  9. Obviously, it isn’t ur fault that u r a walking conflict. I don’t think u would be if we were still being governed by kings and queens! If our ancestors had sent the white man packing the very day he landed here with a Bible held close to his chest and a gun hidden behind him, Africa wouldn’t have landed in the mess we in now! But there’s no point in we continuing to blame the whiteman’s greed for the demise of our continent. Those of us here now have to sit up and do something.

  10. This is BRA OK for you. they hate to hear u call Him the Best Rapper Alive, but me I will say he is the Best Rhymer Alive. Great Piece of Work, this can only come from the mind of a Genius. Thumbs Up Man. Salute!

  11. great piece. i share the same feeling. but slowly we shall get there and it is not far behind us.
    salute and much respect.
    kindly keep me posted on more of your postings

  12. I like what OK piece. but I know entertainment is different from technology. the youth and investors of Ghana and Africa are investing much (money and time) in entertainment and nothing in technology and science and invention.

  13. Bra Kwame!!! You killed this, somehow this is a very Interesting write with your use of sarcasm and all… Bra Kwame you inspire

  14. ma 1st tym of visitn ur site n must say i’m impressed…. indeed u are de bxt rapper alive.O-K-Y-E-A-M-E

  15. Okyeame, reading through you blog is reigniting in me my passion for writing. In fact expect an article from me soon. I just hope it cuts the grade and make it unto your blog! Lol! Salute!